19 August 2013

Return to Kitchen Table

We enjoyed another Friday night at the fabulous Kitchen Table. This is now a firm favourite of ours, with the round-the-kitchen format and friendliness of the team adding the extra dimension a normal restaurant just can't provide. I won't go into lengthy detail with each dish, but can assure you every course was delicious.

The menu was a similar set up to previously, with the opening oyster and pickle having some lovely sea jelly and fresh flavours. The bacon jam loaded chicken skin was better than ever, and the salmon canape was particularly good. My raw scallop dish was a standout, with an excellent ginger mayo to match the scallop, the wife had a remarkable spring onion tempura. A lovely mackerel dish offered some tart flavours from green strawberries to match the excellent fresh mackerel. The barbecued spring cabbage  was excellent, a truffle and parmesan loaded variation of an old favourite of mine, cabbage in cheese sauce. The bone marrow dish to follow was my dish of the night, with an astonishingly good beef fat lardo to go with the celeriac, fried marrow and chicken gravy with superb flavours throughout, absolutely stunning. The vegetarian version featured a girolle puree to match the celeriac.

Duck came in two parts, breast with a tart fruit yoghurt, and a second dish of confit duck, crispy wafer, pistachios and cherries, a great combination I could have happily ate as a large main. The vegetarian duo had some excellent fennel, barbecued in front of us on a wood and gas pit. Cheese course was a burrata, gooseberries and some of that awesome buttery fried sourdough we had on the previous visit. Desserts started with a single raspberry filled with frozen basil olive oil, with a refreshing blueberry, mousse and granita to follow. The barbecued peach with honey spooned from the frame was revelation and barbecued peaches and nectarines have featured at home since. An excellent strawberry dish followed, with caramac, ice cream and a fabulous fried vanilla sugar coated brioche. A glass of leaf tea with a mandarin ice cream teacake and cappuccino ice cream ended the meal.

Excellent root beer to be had too, I've not had the Dominion Root Beer before, I really liked the use of honey.

We enjoyed our meal just as much as the first time round, James, Sandia and the team provide one of the best evenings in London. We will head back in the autumn, if not sooner to see what the menu provides. I can't wait.








Spring Onion








Duck Too








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