7 March 2013

Blog of the week on Square Meal

Blog of the week on Square Meal !

As I'm becoming more active on other social networks and promoting this blog a bit more it's nice to see some recognition.

Over the next few weeks I hope to add a list of restaurants that offer vegetarian menus, with an emphasis on fine dining, starred restaurants, tasting menus and the like, as well as more content. Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs, The Ledbury and hopefully one of Nuno Mendes Craft evenings have been booked and many more meals have been planned.


  1. I find your blog really useful. It's very difficult to find reviews of vegetarian meals in non-vegetarian resaurants. Really looking forward to your review of The Ledbury - I've been wanting to try it for ages.

    I think your wife would love the 10 course menu at Roganic.

  2. Thanks for the comment :)

    I forgot to mention on the post, Roganic is booked for a lunch in a few weeks time! I've been dying to go there and we had to cancel a visit in January due to flu. The Ledbury is in May, there's a huge wait for a Saturday lunch bookings there.