6 March 2014

Two closures and visits to The Ledbury, Kitchen Table and Pied a Terre

Unfortunately two of my favourite restaurants have closed recently. Nuno Mendes at Viajante left to start up Chiltern Firehouse, which is getting some good reviews and soon due a visit. The restaurant itself closed on 28th February, with Jason Athertons group looking to put in Lee Westcott from 22 Ships Ham & Sherry in Viajantes space. The second is Tom Aikens Restaurant, which closed last month. Tom is apparently looking to relocate to somewhere busier, either the West End or East End. I hope they hurry up, I really enjoyed our visits to his eponymous Chelsea restaurant.

Also closed is Bo London, which looking back now, received a better write up than it should have done. These days, post HKK, I might have forgone the several hours of writing, formatting and photo editing and not bothered to write it up, much like disappointing meals at other places which never make it on to my blog. Whilst the food was excellent, the portions were tiny and the bill massive, and that's my main memory of it these days.

Edit: Reports of Bo London's demise have been greatly exaggerated, apparently it's a refit not a closure.

Edit 2: Actually, no, despite the statements that it was a water leak and refit, Bo London Ltd is in administration. Watch this space though, they might do the phoenix company thing and rise from the dead.

Since my previous post I had two more excellent meals with my wife, a fourth visit to Kitchen Table for their fabulous New Years Eve meal and a long lunch at Pied a Terre, who had an excellent 6 course tasting menu for £49 offer going that coincided with my wifes birthday. I've been meaning to go to Pied a Terre for a while, and enjoyed some fantastic dishes, a lovely gnocchi and chestnut truffle veloute starter, an excellent cod dish and guinea fowl main with some top rate patisserie on show with a chocolate dessert. On top of this was one of the best breads we've had in the form of  a treacle loaf, and a very generous selection of petit four to finish, with some awesome cloud like doughnuts.

I also went to The Ledbury with my brother, in London on his annual trade show visit, and we indulged in the long tasting menu with a bottle of very good white and had a nigh on perfect meal. I'll write it up in detail soon.

Lobster ready for plating at Kitchen Table.

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