15 July 2013

Return to Dinner

We revisited Dinner last week, taking my mum and step-dad out for lunch, two weeks of Heston in row!

The bread was really good this time, and I thought the brown better than that at the Fat Duck last week, a really well flavoured sourdough with the crispest of crusts. My mum and step-dad had the Meat Fruit to start, whilst I tried Frumenty, a new dish of grilled octopus in a smoked sea broth, possibly the best dish I've had Dinner, a fantastic smoky broth with oats, seaweeds and anemones of lovage puree and two perfectly grilled pieces of grilled octopus. My wife had the vegetarian Salamagundy, a salad with beetroot and horseradish cream and a variation of the nettle porridge as a main. My mums choice of Blackfoot Pork Chop is still a winner, with one of the largest chops I've seen requiring some help from my step-dad to finish off. His turbot was enjoyed, with the cockle ketchup proving the best element of the dish. I chose the Powdered Duck, which whilst not as rare as I like, had an absolutely incredible sticky and rich gravy which ensured the entire plate was devoured in short order. We shared some sides, excellent beans and shallots, and some absolutely incredible caraway roasted carrots. We all chose the Tipsy Cake for dessert. This was first time I've had a full portion and can assure everyone it lives up to the hype, a world class pudding.

Standards are still very high at Dinner, with Heston Blumenthals and Ashley Palmer-Watts excellent takes on old English recipes, a friendly and highly competent front of house, and we had highly memorable family lunch which my mum and step-dad absolutely loved. It must be said though, the St Pellegrino Top 50 list is well out if Dinner rates above The Fat Duck, although Dinner is superb, it's not the one off meal of a lifetime The Fat Duck provides.


Nettle Porridge.

Black foot pork chop.

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