22 February 2013

Ametsa By Arzak Instruction

Ametsa by Arzak Instruction, the London outpost of Arzak in San Sebastian, opened its booking line today at 9am, and I was through at nine on the dot, booking a table for Saturday 9th, the day after they opened!

However double checking they had a vegetarian menu at the end of the call indicated that they did not, and I had to cancel! They may be the new hottest ticket in town, and an outpost of a fabled 3 star, but they have to be able to provide vegetarian options, they aren't in San Sebastian now.

I believe every 3 and 2 star in the UK will cater for vegetarian and indeed all dietary requirements. I've read reports of vegan menus at The Fat Duck and Gordon Ramsay and as my blog shows, my vegetarian wife is catered for everywhere we go.

I may try this with my brother, or on my own, but I am very disappointed we missed out on a lunch so soon after opening day, I made a real effort to get a booking the day the lines opened.

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